CRBA is a law firm with offices in Lisbon and Oporto, founded in 2002, and comes from the common practice of its partners who sought the corporate organization model to increase the quality and efficiency of legal practice. Currently, with a team of about 30 lawyers, 6 consultants and 7 employees, CRBA provides litigation services and legal advice in all the relevant areas of practise and before all jurisdictions, based on the expertise sharing by its members.


CRBA directs its legal services to quality:

- Excellence of legal services

CRBA tries to ally theoretical consistency with pragmatism and speed of response as essential in the interests of its clients.   

At CRBA, all legal work is performed or supervised by its partners, which are all lawyers with active enrolment at the Portuguese Bar Association and in full professional activity. 

On the other hand, due to its size, CRBA has a broad team of lawyers that allows CRBA representation in all practice areas.

For this purpose, the coordination of the teams is ensured by the partners, who are responsible for the technical quality of the work. 


- Investment in people

The quality of CRBA’s legal services depends on daily work of its members, especially lawyers. That is why CRBA seeks the creation and stabilization of a cohesive team, motivated and technically skilled to render high quality legal services. That is also why CRBA invests in recurrent training of its staff.    


- A quality system of organization 

CRBA considers the connection between the quality of legal services and highly structured organizational models as essential, extending this quality to the full scope of services.    

CRBA established its activity bearing in mind the full compliance with all fundamental values of legal practice, acting in accordance with the deontological rules applicable to the render of legal services, with full independence.

At CRBA we believe that we can also make a difference in the social responsibility area. Therefore CRBA regularly renders legal services in a “pro bono” basis to selected clients/files.

In order to provide its clients high quality and reliable assistance, virtually anywhere in the world, CRBA is part of Legal NetLink Alliance and REDEJUR, two international law firm networks. 

LNA – Legal Netlink Alliance

Legal Netlink Alliance is a global alliance of midsized, general practice, independent law firms. Firms are selected for membership because they represent a high level of quality and integrity. The network’s membership of first class law firms gives the client access to quality legal representation virtually anywhere in the world. Legal Netlink Alliance offers clients the breadth and resources of a large legal organization without the inherent inefficiencies, conflict issues and impersonal nature that burden large international law firms.
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REDEJUR – Associação de Escritórios de Advocacia Empresarial

REDEJUR is a Brazilian law firm network with representing members all over Brazil, and also Italy, UK, France, Spain, Argentina and Costa Rica.

For more than ten years, REDEJUR has been providing to its member firms full support in the legal services rendered, stimulating the increase of qualifications and also the exchange of knowhow and experiences.

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Other Associations

CRBA has also established partnerships with other law firms in Angola, Mozambique and Brazil, integrating also the “Luso-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry” and the “Portugal-Mozambique Chamber of Commerce”. 

CRBA and its members have been recognized by international legal publications like CHAMBERS & PARTNERS and LEGAL 500.

Law Firm registration at the Portuguese Bar Association: 52/02 

Capital stock: €60.000,00 (sixty thousand euros)

Languages: All CRBA members are English speakers and some lawyers are also fluent in French and Italian.

Legal Fees: CRBA fully complies with the regulations from the law and the Portuguese Bar Association regarding legal fees and invoicing by Law Firms in Portugal and the legal services are invoiced bearing in mind the importance of the services provided, the difficulty and urgency of the matters in hand, the results obtained, the time consumed rendering legal services and also the responsibility assumed by the firm. Concerning this matter, CRBA presents to its clients, whenever that's possible, a prevision of legal fees. 

Lisbon Office

Oporto Office