CRBA's partner Madalena Januário was elected board member of the Lisbon Council from the Portuguese Bar Association.

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CRBA participated in a guide organised by the Portuguese NPO GRACE regarding corporate social responsibility for law firms.

The guide aggregates the conclusions from a working group organised by GRACE with several law firms, including CRBA, and presents several challenges, examples and recommendations regarding corporate social responsibility for law firms.

CRBA attends the 2016 winter meeting of LNA - Legal Netlink Alliance, to take place in Paris, France, from February 5th to February 7th 2016.

CRBA representation is made by its partner Gonçalo Areia, who's also a member of LNA's Board of Directors.

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CRBA is proud to announce that its trainee lawyers Sara Simões and Duarte Antunes Preto were approved on the final exam at the Portuguese Bar Association and have been invited to join CRBA team as lawyers.

Congratulations to both!


CRBA inaugurated its new office in the southern city of Faro, in the Algarve!

With this new office, CRBA broads its area of intervention, and can now provide legal services with greater capacity and proximity in all the southern parts of Portugal and throughout the Algarve.

CRBA's office in the Algarve is located in the central area of Faro, at the building "Faro Avenida - Business Center".


CRBA partner Patrícia Meneses Leirião was appointed by the ITR - International Tax Review as a "Tax Controversy Leader 2015" in Portugal.

This nomination represents the recognition of the work done by CRBA and its partner Patrícia Meneses Leirião in this area of practice.

CRBA will be the host of the next European meeting of LNA - Legal Netlink Alliance, which will take place in Lisbon in January 2017, and that will be attended by approximately 100 lawyers of the members firms offices, from all parts of the world.

LNA is a worldwide business law firms network and CRBA is its representative in Portugal. Gonçalo Areia is currently also a member of the network's board of directors.

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CRBA partner Gonçalo Capitão, was a speaker on a Public Law conference promoted by the Lisbon Council of the Portuguese Bar Association, which took place in Lisbon last March 31st 2016.

On the conference, Gonçalo Capitão addressed the matters related with the enforcement of court sentences in the Administrative jurisdiction courts.

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CRBA's partner Tiago Rodrigues Bastos participated in the most recent publication from EFC - European Foundation Centre, named "Comparative Highlights of Foundation Laws".

EFC is an international association of the main european foundations, and CRBA's partner Tiago Rodrigues Bastos is a member of the "Legal Committee".

The publication can be viewed here