CRBA will attend the 27th meeting of REDEJUR network, that will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from 10th to 12th of May 2012.

The firm will be represented in this important international meeting of the Brazilian network by two of its partners, Goncalo Areia and Madalena Januario.

REDEJUR is the most relevant Brazilian Law Firm Network, with representations all over Brazil and South America.

CRBA is part of a Portuguese Law Firm Directory named INLEX.

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CRBA has structured a new program to its clients related with debt collection and mass number civil litigation.

Click here to see the program presentation (in Portuguese only).

CRBA has joined Banco Alimentar campaign concerning the exchange of waste paper for food.

By doing this, CRBA's internal waste paper scheme is now helping this NPO in its efforts to fight poverty and hunger.

CRBA is part of the ""Quem é Quem das Sociedades de Advogados 2011"", a legal directory that examines who's who in the Portuguese Law Firms panorama.

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